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The Next Book in the "Above the Waves" Series Has Arrived!

We're thrilled to unveil the second book in our "Above the Waves" series called Out on a Limb, specially crafted for beginning readers. The first book in the series on seabirds is a read-aloud called The Seabird Egg book.

About the Book:

Dive into the incredible journey of Charlie, a manu-o-Kū (white tern) chick navigating the challenges of growing up in an Umbrella tree on Bishop Street in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. This book, the first in the series for beginning readers, is a heartfelt exploration of the adventures and trials faced by these remarkable birds.


We dedicate this book to Rob Shallenberger, whose inspiration and support have been invaluable throughout this creative journey.


Special thanks to the Hawaiʻi Wildlife Center, Melody Bentz, and Drs. Eric Vanderwerf and Lindsay Young of the Pacific Rim Conservation, for their beautiful images and expert knowledge that breathe life into the pages of this book.

See a couple of pages as a sneak peak.

Support Us:

Help us continue our mission by checking out the links on Patreon, GoFundMe, LinkedIn, and our Kula Naiʻa webpage.


A massive thank you to everyone involved, including our amazing supporters on GoFundMe and patrons on Patreon. Your belief in our cause has made this possible!


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