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Our Work

The Kula Naiʻa Foundation is a charitable, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to marine research, education and conservation. A major focus of the foundation is research on marine protected species, with an emphasis on oceanic dolphins found near the Island of Hawai‘i. We offer educational programs and opportunities to teachers, school children, high school and college students and our local community. We are committed to promoting community involvement in the stewardship of our natural resources and to fostering communication with management agencies. We are currently expanding our work to connect communities in Hawaiʻi with those in other states as well as Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Goals of the Foundation include:
To work with educators and community members by serving as an educational resource
To develop and provide marine and conservation science resources to school and educators.
To promote the awareness of the importance of a healthy marine ecosystem.





Our Background

The Kula Naia Foundation is a charitable, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 1990, dedicated to marine research, education and conservation. From its inception, the mission of the foundation has included both public education and marine conservation. During the first decade of its existence the majority of the efforts of the foundation focused on the study of the marine mammals and marine acoustics in Hawai‘i. By combining a deep understanding of the behavior and ecology of marine species based on scientific research with many years of experience working in education and local community-based marine resource management the Kula Nai'a Foundation is uniquely suited to provide information, resources and workshops on marine conservation. We are striving to foster a better understanding of the marine environment and how human activities may affect the health of the environment in general and the lives of it’s inhabitants.

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